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Top 5 reasons that I hate snow days.

Who doesn’t love snow days?  As a kid you wait with bated breath..prayed under your covers..”Please God, please God, please God let there be no school”.  You’d listen to the radio for school cancellations and when you heard your school’s name you’d do a victory lap around the livingroom.  (No?  Just me again?)  BUT.  As […]

Notes On Prepping For The Zombie Apocalypse. Or An Ice Storm. Whichever.

Hello, my hopefully warm and electricity-having little chickens.  I’d say winter was here, no?  We were so lucky here at our place.  Out for a few hours here and there, always during daylight hours and the house never dropped more than a few degrees.  Reading the outage updates saying that some folks won’t have power […]