Freebies on Friday!

It was Freebies for me today and I do love me some free.

Free in the mailbox today was….

2014-05-30 17.27.33

Bottle of Listerine from the free samples section on  I personally hate this stuff, but Mark likes it.  There ya go, Kid.  Don’t say I never got ya nothing.

Guitar Player magazine, I got a year’s subscription free!  Also for him.  Maxim magazine, I got this for a year for free, too!  Most assuredly for him.  I think of that one as the ‘ho magazine..but whatevs.  It was free, y’all.  I only read it for the articles.

2014-05-30 19.09.57

And my favorite!  (I’m sort of lying here, Monkeys.  My real favorite magazine is People, but my family would laugh at me for it.  Literary snobs, the lot of them)  Better Homes and Gardens magazine!  I just got my first one yesterday.  A year’s subscription, wait for it….FREE.

Lots of sites like ValueMags and Mercury Magazines have weekly deals with free subscription offers.  I have never given a credit card number and never been spammed to death for signing up.  In the last few months I’ve also gotten Weight Watcher’s magazine and Marie Claire, which I love.

Then at Target, I picked up two free Benadryl anti-itch sticks (.47 ounces).  They are $2.39 and I used a $2/1 Benadryl Topical Product q and a .50/1 Target printable q to make them free!  Between blackflies and mosquitoes, these will come in handy this summer!

2014-05-30 17.28.00-2

I also hit an awesome yard sale off of Essex Street today, one on Ohio and there’s a big one on outer Essex headed away from town that I want to hit tomorrow.  I’ll take pictures, but I hope you’ll get out there and get some great stuff, too!  I’m on the hunt for summer clothes for Mad and Hal…hope to see some of you out there!!


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