Saving for a rainy day.

Couponing saves me money.  Undeniable fact.  But it’s not the only way that I save.  I shop at Walgreens when they have a good sales, and they have a program called Balance Rewards.  By buying certain products, I get points that you can save and cash out to use on purchases at Walgreens.  SInce January, I’ve been saving my points and will continue to do so.  This money will go towards Christmas this year!  All of the stocking stuffers, cards, wrapping paper..will all be paid for by MY SHOPPING.  Bwahahahaha…

I’ve also recently started using the “Clynk” recycling program at Hannaford.  We go thru a crazy amount of bottles and cans here, shockingly, none of them alcohol related.  I used to haaaaate going to do the recycling.  Smelly, sticky and not a lot of fun for someone who has germ issues.  Not anymore!  Scan my card, drop off my bag and the money goes into my Clynk account.  You can take it out or let it grow, which is what I’m doing.  We average $2-4 per week and it all gets banked until….Christmas!  Yay, mass-consumerism!  It’ll be back before we know it!  (shoot me)

And of course, Target…my preciousssss.    Gift cards galore.  Maybe $20 a month, sometimes less, but it all adds up.  Again, purchase a certain number of certain items and receive giftcards with your purchase.  Most of the final amounts can be brought WAY down with coupons.  Some transactions are even money makers, which is the best.  Again, these little $5 and $10 gems get socked away.  These are harder for me to hold onto, because…Target.  Of course I want to spend it.  I have very little willpower where my favorite store is concerned.

So there are lots of little ways to stash some cash, which admittedly is hard for me.  Rumor has it I like to shop now and again…how do these vicious rumors get started?

Best buy of the day today?  Dole Classic Salad Mix at Save-a-Lot in Brewer, 69 cents a bag!  Mark is one of those healthy-eater-type-people, so this is a great deal for him!  Note I say “him”, not “me”.   When someone invents lettuce that tastes like steak or chocolate, let me know.

Aaaaaaand since it’s been awhile, let’s catch up, y’all!  I miss you!  What’s been going on with you?  Work good?  Kids OK?  You never call anymore.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the ranch (split level, whatever).  Here are some pictures just for you.

2014-04-08 14.15.25

It looks like spring may have finally sprung here in our neck of the woods.  Which in Maine means mud.  I’m pretty sure my neighbors across the street are sneaking over and dumping their snow in my yard at night…almost every house on our street is clear of it but ours.


2014-04-06 14.58.12

Scarlet, aka Fatzilla is still deeply in winter mode, which means sleeping and eating.  Her winter mode is not surprisingly,  much like her spring mode.  And her summer mode.


2014-04-05 11.13.39

I made this coconut caramel cake to take to Mark’s mom’s surprise birthday party this past weekend.  It was gooooooooood.  Side note, the new elliptical trainer that Mark bought us makes an awesome coat rack.





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