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I was supposed to shop yesterday, but Mother Nature put the kibosh on yet another outing.  Holy cheese with the ice!  When the huge city street sanders and emergency vehicles are sliding off the road, I’ll be staying home.  My tiny, little Volvo would be a dark blue streak shooting off into the trees.  Thanks, but no.  Instead we spent a luxurious day in and out of bed, napping, reading, cooking and watching movies.  Al Pacino and Christopher Walken (love that man) were wonderful in Stand Up Guys.  Then we watched The Guilt Trip with Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand..meh.  About what you’d expect.  I love Seth Rogan and Babs, so was hoping for better.

So today, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I got ready to go.  I had everything I’d need for today’s Shaw’s run clipped and laid out last night so I’d be organized and not make any mistakes, which still happens more than I’d like to admit.  I had about 90 items on my list and 35 coupons lined up to use.  My big sale items were as follows: (remember, Shaw’s doubles coupons up to .99)

Skippy Peanut Butter, assorted styles on sale for $2.  Used (4) .75/2 coupons, getting 8 for $1.25 each.  There was an older $1/1 coupon out there but I thew it away by mistake didn’t have it.

Green Giant boxed veggies on sale for $1.  Used (4) .60/3 coupons, getting 12 boxes for .60 each.

Cascadian Farms granola cereal on sale for $2.  Used (4) .85/1 coupons, getting 4 boxes for .30 each.

Grands Biscuits on sale for $1.  Used (4) .50/1 coupons, getting 4 cans for free.

Yoplait Greek Yogurt on sale for $1.  Used (4) $1/3 coupons, getting 12 cups for about .66 each.  There was a SavingStar deposit on these of $1/5, also.

Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale for $2.50 each.  Used (4) .50/1 coupons, getting 8 boxes of the dark chocolate squares (mmmmmm…) for $1.50 each.  There is also a .50/2 SavingStar on this deal.

General Mills assorted cereals on sale for $2 each.  Used (5) $1/2 coupons making each box $1.50.

And while there were many other great deals in my buggy, these were my big stock up items that I was in need of.  You’ll notice that on most of my coupon purchases that I only use 4 coupons.  That’s because Shaw’s only allows 4 of the same coupon to double in one shopping trip.  So what I do to combat that is order/clip about 20 of each coupon that I want and I will go in every day this week and do an almost identical shop on the items that I wanted with coupons that will double.  The peanut butter is a great stock up item, as are the cereals and granola bars.  I’m really trying to build up the dry goods and shelf-stable items.  I won’t do the refrigerated items or dairy items again unless the kids really seem to be going thru them towards the end of the week, Mad and I both eat a lot of yogurt.

So overall, my total before coupons, store promotions was about $237 for 94 items.  After coupons and store promotions I paid $106.  A savings of over 55%.  That’s great for me, it’s about $130 in free groceries for my family, and who couldn’t use that?


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