Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been living off a good bit of my stockpile from couponing.  Not once have we run out of toilet paper, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, razors, not anything, really.  The only money I’ve spent has been fresh items..dairy,  meats and greens (at a discount, of course).  I’ve got to tell you, it’s awfully nice to just send one of the kids out to the garage to bring in what we need and the best part is that so much of it was dirt cheap or free.

It was a nice break from the constant cutting, ordering and organizing that takes up so much time when you coupon like I do.  But over the last several days, I’ve been getting a bit antsy.  I’ve noticed that my canned goods are starting to run low.  My goal there is at least 20 of each item.  20 soup, 20 canned corn, 20 canned green beans, etc.  Due to some really great sales during the late summer, I had more like 40 of each, so it’s taken awhile to get this low.  So last week, I bought a new ink cartridge for the printer, bought and collected about half a dozen weekend paper inserts and ordered a crap ton (Maine unit of measurement) of coupons online.

Today I stuck a tentative toe back in the money saving waters by heading out to my happy place.


I sat there in my car with a cup of coffee, The Breakfast Club cd, a pile of inserts, my scissors  and went to town.  45 blissful minutes later,  I had made my list, clipped it all together and in I went.  First stop, grabbing the perfect buggy.  They’re all perfect at Target.  We’ve talked about this.  Then went over to Starbucks.

I drink a LOT of coffee. Now let me say this in case you didn’t know.   I am a McDonald’s coffee girl.  Hot, iced, whatever.  I love it.  Newman’s Own, 3 cream, 3 sugar..$1..lovely.  But, my loving and sweet sister who we’ll call, oh I don’t know…ROBYN is a coffee snob of the first order and refuses to believe that I can palate it and so got me a Starbucks gift card a couple of years ago that she keeps loaded for me.  Who’s the spoiled sister?  (duh, me)

I am the shortest kid in the family at 5’7″.   My two sisters are both close to 6 feet and my brother is well over.  This used to make me cry.  How was  supposed to be Cindy Crawford at 5’7″?  Maybe the coffee stunted my growth.

After arming myself with a Venti Soy Misto with 3 raw sugars, I ventured into the happiest place on earth the store.  An hour later, I left with $61 worth of goods before tax and paid $17.51 out of pocket after 9 manufacturer’s coupons, 4 Target coupons, 4 Target mobile coupons and 4 Cartwheels and the 5% from using my Target Red Card.  That’s right…bow to the queen.  This haul included a Monster High doll, stocking stuffers and groceries for the rest of the week.  The doll, by the way, was on sale for $9.99, it rang up for $5.  The clerk checked the price twice and gave to me.  

Feeling warmed up and very much on top of the word, I took a trip down the road to AC Moore.  Remember?  My shopping for Hallee?  Sigh.  Yeah.  But I knew I’d find something.  Again with my coupon binder in hand, in I went.  I found a really beautiful wooden two story barn packed with animals inside by Melissa & Doug.  Retail $59.



Did I falter?  Did I let a toy nearly worth the blue book value of my Volvo shake me?  Nope.  I whipped out my 50% off one item coupon and paid $30 bucks for the thing, earning 300 points on my rewards account to boot.   Hallee loves farms and farm animals and going out to see any kind of farm is her idea of heaven.  She will love this.   No she won’t, she hates everything new.

There is another great sale starting at Shaw’s this Friday the 20th and I am busy getting my ducks in a row for it.  Del Monte canned veggies 54 cents with printable coupon, Mrs. Smith’s pies $1.75 with printable coupon (I love pie), my beloved Betty Crocker potatoes are back again, as well as lots of other great stock up items.  If my calculations are right, my savings will more than cover meat and fresh fruits and veggies for the week.  Man,  I miss the little farm stand on outer Broadway that we shop at every week already!  I’m craving fresh, green things!  Ah well..only what…6 more months?

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