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It’s Always Fun Until Someone Goes to Jail.

It’s become apparent to me, especially in the last couple of months that couponing is getting more and more difficult as stores are reviewing and changing their coupon policies due to some really greedy morons with extremely bad judgement coupon fraud. Coupon users across the country are feeling the pinch as stores restrict coupon usage.  Coupon […]

56 Days ‘Til Christmas! Ho-Ho-Oh-Who-Am-I-Kidding?

Ugh…I can’t even begin to deal with the Christmas onslaught yet.  Seriously?  How can it even be that time of year already?  I love Christmas.  I love the spirit of the holiday, families being together, decorating the house, making and eating decorating all of the cookies, sitting in the dark watching the snow fall by […]

Do You Know What I Need?

After a whirlwind week and weekend, I need what every woman needs to unwind.  That’s right, a good, long, satisfying THRIFT/COUPONING SHOPPING TRIP.  Jeeze you guys..really?  This is a family blog. I haven’t been on a good shopping run for a week or so because getting things ready for the rehearsal dinner for Mark’s son […]