About Allyson

Allyson C. Sorenson, writer for more Bang(or) for your Buck.

Allyson was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and moved to Maine as a child. Her mother was from Houlton and later remarried and moved the family to the coast where Al grew up in the Castine area. After briefly attending college in Maine, Al moved down below the Mason-Dixon line for several years, returning to Maine in 2000 and has been a Bangor resident since 2002.  Writing has been a life-long passion that comes naturally to Al through her father and grandfather, both journalists from Atlantic City.

  (Phew!  That’s the official version..here comes the fun part!)
Al spends her days laying on the couch eating bonbons.  Al is Sweetheart to one and Mom to two girls, one with severe special needs. Days are long, nights are short, girlfriend is spread thin.  She loves reading, blogging and above all shopping. her family.  After many years as a single parent, Al has mastered shopping on a budget and loves to show off great finds.  Al can be found at thrift stores, yard sales and coffee shops  allysonswonderland.com.