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Freebies on Friday!

2014-05-30 19.09.57

It was Freebies for me today and I do love me some free. Free in the mailbox today was…. Bottle of Listerine from the free samples section on  I personally hate this stuff, but Mark likes it.  There ya go, Kid.  Don’t say I never got ya nothing. Guitar Player magazine, I got a […]

Well it’s about time!

2014-05-24 13.12.38

Finally, you guys….YARD SALE SEASON.  I could have cried with joy this morning going over all of the yard sale listings in the newspaper.   And three of my favorite words?  “Rain or shine”. While I love couponing and being able to stockpile (looking at you, Swiffer, Dr. Scholl’s and Chef Boyardee this week at Target) […]