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It’s the unofficial start of summer! I’m freezing!

2015-05-22 14.20.39

So here in Maine this weekend kicks off the unofficial start of summer.  Usually by now we’ve got tan marks from our flip-flops, have the kids red, white and blue outfits laid out for the Memorial Day parade, have the weekends barbecue menu all planned out and have sunscreen and Off!  on hand.  Because, SUMMER! […]

Freebies on Friday!

2014-05-30 19.09.57

It was Freebies for me today and I do love me some free. Free in the mailbox today was…. Bottle of Listerine from the free samples section on  I personally hate this stuff, but Mark likes it.  There ya go, Kid.  Don’t say I never got ya nothing. Guitar Player magazine, I got a […]

Well it’s about time!

2014-05-24 13.12.38

Finally, you guys….YARD SALE SEASON.  I could have cried with joy this morning going over all of the yard sale listings in the newspaper.   And three of my favorite words?  “Rain or shine”. While I love couponing and being able to stockpile (looking at you, Swiffer, Dr. Scholl’s and Chef Boyardee this week at Target) […]