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I’m officially over winter.

Yep.  I'm officially over it.

Remember when snow was fun?  Yeah, me either.  When it’s -10 and howling winds, it’s not like I can send the kids outside to play and it’s.  getting.  old. I lived “away” for lots of years.  I lived where it was hot and snow was something that people sprayed on their windows out of a […]

Top 5 reasons that I hate snow days.

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Who doesn’t love snow days?  As a kid you wait with bated breath..prayed under your covers..”Please God, please God, please God let there be no school”.  You’d listen to the radio for school cancellations and when you heard your school’s name you’d do a victory lap around the livingroom.  (No?  Just me again?)  BUT.  As […]

It must be true love.


Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day that morphed from celebrating a martyred Christian saint’s death to pushing mass consumerism down our throats.  Jewelry.  Flowers.  Chocolates.  Cards.  If you don’t break the bank on things, word has it you’ll be in the dog house.  In my way more stupid younger years, I’ll admit, flowers and shiny bits […]