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Deal of the week.

2014-03-19 11.35.10-1

Best deal I found this week?  One of my old favorites..Green Giant Frozen Steamers at Shaw’s.  On sale for $1.00 and there were lots of different coupons out there.  I ordered 16 .80/4 coupons from and went several times this week to load up.  Remember, you can only double 4 like coupons per trip at […]

Deals of The Day


I was supposed to shop yesterday, but Mother Nature put the kibosh on yet another outing.  Holy cheese with the ice!  When the huge city street sanders and emergency vehicles are sliding off the road, I’ll be staying home.  My tiny, little Volvo would be a dark blue streak shooting off into the trees.  Thanks, […]

Notes On Prepping For The Zombie Apocalypse. Or An Ice Storm. Whichever.

Hello, my hopefully warm and electricity-having little chickens.  I’d say winter was here, no?  We were so lucky here at our place.  Out for a few hours here and there, always during daylight hours and the house never dropped more than a few degrees.  Reading the outage updates saying that some folks won’t have power […]