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Getting more bang for your buck just got harder.

Great coupon, too bad we didn't get it here.

So, I’ve touched on this before.  Couponing is getting harder.  This last year that I’ve been couponing has seen some pretty mild changes to store’s coupon policies as well as the coupons that have been made available.  Maybe not so many great deals, maybe a few less identical coupons accepted in a transaction.  But here […]

Freebies on Friday!

2014-05-30 19.09.57

It was Freebies for me today and I do love me some free. Free in the mailbox today was…. Bottle of Listerine from the free samples section on  I personally hate this stuff, but Mark likes it.  There ya go, Kid.  Don’t say I never got ya nothing. Guitar Player magazine, I got a […]