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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N…in the north woods.

2014-07-05 20.16.40

Oh Cheeky Monkeys…what an adventure I’ve had.  Know where I went?  Noooo….not shopping, not couponing and not racing my little Volvo from one end of Bangor to the other (because I would never drive too fast anyway…hi Bangor PD!) looking for the best deals!  Because I was onnnnn……………………VACATION!  What?  Who does that?  Crazy rich people with […]

Well it’s about time!

2014-05-24 13.12.38

Finally, you guys….YARD SALE SEASON.  I could have cried with joy this morning going over all of the yard sale listings in the newspaper.   And three of my favorite words?  “Rain or shine”. While I love couponing and being able to stockpile (looking at you, Swiffer, Dr. Scholl’s and Chef Boyardee this week at Target) […]

I’m writing a post about stockpiling and Mark is watching “Hoarders”..think he’s trying to tell me something?

2014-05-12 11.04.29

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t get enough of this warm weather!  Now I’m aware that anyone outside of the 207 area code would disagree with my use of the word “warm” when describing our temps, but anything above 50 at this point counts as warm as far as I’m concerned.  On […]

Oh, baby!


It’s raining babies around here this spring…babies everywhere and I must admit, it’s got me thinking.  Or longing.  Or maybe a little bit of both.  A few friends are having babies, like BDN’s own Pattie at After The Couch and two of Mark’s grown daughters are both having babies this spring and summer.  I’ve started […]