I must be getting old.

I used to love snow.  I mean, crazy love snow.  I dreamed about it and woke up crying for years when I lived down south.  As a kid I’d spend from morning ’til night outside all winter, either sledding with friends or ice skating.  I loved the sound of the soft hiss as it came down, the dry squeak under my boots, the feel of fat, wet flakes melting on my eyelashes.  But now…now?  Not so much.

With “Snowpocalypse 2016” coming down on the mid-Atlantic states, my only feeling is relief.  “Thank God we dodged that one“.  I have the majority of my family in and around Atlantic City, New Jersey and looking at the pictures of the snow and flooding down there, I feel for them.  Been there, got that t-shirt many a time, don’t want another one.  Another friend is outside of DC where they’re getting 2 feet and screaming wind and power has been out since they woke up…and they have a newborn.


Photo credit: Pixabay, public domain.


Do I still love snow?  Sure.  Big storms are fun for a little while, exciting…the anticipation gets your blood pumping.  But the things that go along with it..ugh.  Shoveling, snow blowing, losing power, especially if you don’t have a generator, for days at a time..that’s nobody’s idea of a good time.  And it’s expensive!  Paying the plow guy if you have one can be $10 to $20 a pop and you need them at least twice for a bad storm.  Gas for the generator if you have one, the lost food in the fridge of you don’t..it can be a painful hit to the wallet.


Photo credit: Pixabay, public domain.


Don’t forget the health risks!   At almost 47 years old, I’m acutely aware of the dangers of “heart-attack snow”, hidden ice and the fact that I no longer bounce back up when I land flat on my back.  (Omg..guys, remember this poor girl?  https://youtu.be/UPTt6MgsOt8)

That being said, I do love to watch it, especially from bed.  With a book, my cat and a cup of tea.   There’s nothing cozier.  But my days of building jumps for my sled and skating until I can’t feel my feet are over and I’m pretty OK with that.

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