Wishing you a stress-free Christmas.

Tonight, on Christmas Eve Eve…I’m sitting here thinking several things.

1.  Where’s the snow?

2.  I’d kill for some General Tso’s chicken.

3.  Why I am I so relaxed and not freaking out with stress? Zoloft

1 & 2 I can’t do anything about tonight, but 3 I can figure out.  I finally stopped worrying so much Zoloft again about the holidays. Most of my shopping was done early on since I shop all year for good deals and toss them into my closet until December 24th.

Dinner tomorrow is pot-luck with family, toss the ham in the crockpot and we’re out the door. The only time I’ve been stressed this week was when it came time to gift wrap presents. I am without a doubt one of the world’s worst wrappers.  At best it looks like a tired 5 year old did it and at worst, like the gift got dragged backwards through a snowblower.  Eventually after 4 rolls of wrapping paper and losing the scissors for the umpteenth time, and feeling pretty overwhelmed, I said screw it and went to the dollar store and bought gift bags for everything else.  Stress gone.

And this is AFTER wrapping for 2 days...I can finally see parts of my floor!

And this is AFTER wrapping for 2 days…I can finally see parts of my floor!  The mess was kind of freaking me out.

Scarlet wants her bed back.

Scarlet wanted her bed back.  Look at the face.

So with that mess out of the way, I’m ready to enjoy the rest of the holiday.  Mark has off for a few days, the kids are on vacation and there are friends and family to visit.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday..anyone want to go out with me and grab some General Tso’s real quick?


Scarlet says, “Merry Christmas..buy gift bags!”


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