‘Tis the season.

It started last week with Hallee.  A runny nose, slight cough.  No big deal, both of my kids get allergies this time of year.  Started her on the Claritin melts and called it good.  A few days later Maddy tells me her throat is scratchy and then her nose kicks in.  Again…no fever, nothing terrible, no missed school, great appetite.  Claritin and Benedryl for everyone!  Allergies!

And then.  Then.  Mark comes down with something early this week.  Not allergies, since he doesn’t have any.  Ridiculously congested head, messed up eyes, throat..the works.  We are in a world of hurt, because assuming it’s been allergies, I haven’t done a thing to disinfect the house.  Typically as soon as I think there’s a germ in the house, I’m all over it with Lysol wipes, the steam cleaner, alcohol gel every 10 feet and I’m a FREAK about hand washing.  So after a few days of “it’s better late than never” freaking out with cold prevention…I’m pretty sure I’ve got it, too.

20150925_174413 (1)

I woke up this morning (alone because I made Mark sleep Mark slept on the couch) and as soon as I sat up, I felt crud in my sinuses.  My throat was scratchy.  Slight headache.  NooooooooooI banish you satanic germs!  Back to hell from whence you came!  I started popping Cold-Eeze and Vitamin C like a junkie.  Slamming down clear fluids.  Inhaled two iced coffees.  (I wanted them, get off my jock)

As the day has progressed, it’s remained about the same, only slightly worse.    More pain in the butt than, “Ohmygodimdying”..so I’m not too alarmed.  Both kids are still a little stuffy, but otherwise fine.  Mark on the other hand…hasn’t completely rallied yet.  And for what it’s worth, why isn’t there a magical Mom fairy who shows up moms get sick? “No, no Dearie…you lay right there on the couch with a box of tissues and your tea, I’ll go break up that fight.”  or “What’s that?  Your little sweetheart needs help with homework?  Just as soon as this load of towels is done, I’ll go right up and help her…here, have another blanket and I’ll empty your trashcan of used tissues.”

Where is she?  Please someone, get on that.

Since I got home this morning, I had to:

Change the hamster’s bedding.

Scoop the cat box.

Take out the garbage.

Lysol the whole house just in case what Mark and I have isn’t what the girls had.

Sweep and mop the floors, steam the upstairs floors because someone spilled what looks like strawberry jelly on the floor and stepped in it.

Do a load of laundry.

Do the dishes.

Then the kids got home from school and it got really interesting.

The 12 year old, don’t ask me how, exploded a microwave-safe mug in the microwave while making DIY lip balm.  Because her mother isn’t an extreme couponer who has hundreds of lip balms in the house.  So the microwave was filled with broken mug, melted lip balm and what was left of my willingness to give a damn.  Although she gained points back by bringing me a handful of Tootsie Rolls later.

I’ve put in place a “NO MORE DIY” rule, gotten myself another bottle of Powerade and planted myself on the couch.  It’s a fend-for-yourself dinner night.  I’ve got enough canned soup and Chef Boyardee to last a lifetime and a fridge full of food..knock yourselves out.  You know where the cereal is..I’ll be on Pinterest if anyone needs me.



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