50% off at Chapter 11.

Yesterday Mark came home from errands and said that he had stopped by Chapter 11 on Wilson Street in Brewer and that everything with the exception of furniture was 50% off.  I know the place is closing, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to run across the bridge and see what was there.

2015-09-06 19.17.00

Sure enough…50% off.  Lysol wipes were marked $1.50, so I paid 75 cents each.  Alcohol wipes were marked $1.00 each, so I paid 50 cents each.  Toothbrushes were marked $1.00, making them 50 cents.  Lysol foaming hand soap was marked $1.50, making them 75 cents each.  Dish washing tabs were marked $2.00, making them $1.00.  Air fresheners were $1.50, making them 75 cents a piece.  Scotch Tape was marked 50 cents a piece, making them 25 cents each.  And lastly shampoo was marked 75 cents, making them about 37 cents each.  So for about $14.00, I got everything above, without a single coupon used.  If I have a chance tomorrow, I’ll head back over after dropping the kids off at school to stock up tape and whatever else catches my eye for the upcoming holidays.

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