Mary, Mary, quite contrary…

After reading today that Bangor had the coldest June day this week since 1956..I’m beginning to fret that my poor little box gardens will never take off and be the green, frothy jungle of goodness that I’ve been envisioning.  In still looks much like it did a week or so ago.  With temps in the 40’s and lots of rain, it looks cold and stunted.  See?

2015-06-03 13.17.44


Peas, cukes and tomatoes…all up and green, but little.  They need hot, hot days to warm their soil back up and get them growing again.  My beans, my poor, poor green beans, alas, have to be replanted.  Dead in the water, or soil, whatever.  They didn’t come up.  Maybe 5 tiny sprouts broke the surface in the other box and nothing else.  I think it was the was a brand I had never heard of from Walmart, while the rest were a big brand bought at Sprague’s.  So if the rain and cold ever, let up here..the first thing I’ll be doing is replanting the green beans.  With different seeds from Spragues.  Live & learn, I suppose.  What about you guys?  I would love to see what you’ve got growing so far!


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