Growing up is overrated.

My 12 year old and I went to Bangor Comic & Toy Con this past weekend at the Cross Insurance Center and had so much fun!  So many expressive, creative & talented people sharing what they was really great.

2015-04-25 12.06.04

Mabel up there is pretty freaking cute.

2015-04-25 12.15.47

I can’t even imagine how long it would take to get this look.

2015-04-25 12.23.46

Pinkie Pie..Mad was over the moon to find her & get a picture. The kid has found her tribe here.

2015-04-25 12.24.05

She looks like she wants to run.


Seeing Mad there (cosplaying Mabel Pines) and seeing all of the cool collectibles and artwork got me thinking.  What toys was I passionate about as a kid?  Gah..there were so many!  I thought you could take a stroll down memory lane with me (waaaaaaay back…I was born in ’69) and take a look at some of my favorites things from the 70’s.  Ready?


Yes, I cut my own hair often.

OMG HOPPITY HORSE!! I had the red horse. And also if my sister tells you she didn’t knock me down a flight of stairs while on my Hippity Hop, she’s lying.  Photo



Perfection. If ever a game gave people PTSD, this is it. For an already tightly-wound kid, this may not have been the best gift for me. Thanks, Santa! Photo Pinterest

My fave toy when I was a kid!  I wore a hole in it from skipping too much!

Skip-It! I would do this for hours. I would count as high as I could, but if I messed up on an odd number, I had to start over and go until I messed up on an even number. Yes…weird kid, I know. Photo

Magic Window! This was so hippy-dippy and I loved it! I think my mother meant it to be a quiet toy for me….HAHAHAHAHAHA. NO SUCH THING.  Photo Pinterest

Scary as shit, but we had it.

Creepy monkey with oral fixation. I’m not sure if this was Robyn’s or mine..but we had it and loved it anyway. look at those scary man-hands! Photo

1982-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P345 - Snoopy

I had the Snoopy nightgown..our mother was a heavy Sears catalog shopper.  Photo Pinterest 


80s roller skates

I was an absolute menace in these. Again, I’m guessing Mom thought I’d burn some energy off. HA! I’m like a car battery..the more I go the stronger I get.  Also, I was on these skates when I got my one and only dog bite, a dachshund that was also a neighborhood menace.  Photo


Avon Perfume Pins

I don’t know which of my grandmothers was into Avon, but we always had the perfume pins!

70s Avon solid perfume pin (I just loved this little pin as a kid!) I HAD THIS AS A KID AND IT SMELLED LIKE POO BUT I FELT COOL AS I GOT TO WEAR PERFUME.

Photos Pinterest




We lived for these in the 70's.  Sara Lee made some also, if I remember correctly.

These right here? Best cupcakes ever. You can have your boutique cupcakes with fancy names…this was the end all, be all as far as I was concerned. Life as I knew it ended if I didn’t get the strawberry cupcake.


I lived in these in the summer. Most of them had a bow in the front that you could around your neck! These were usually paired with Buster Brown sandals. Photo



Phew…I could do this all day and not even scratch the surface.  What were your favorite things growing up?















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