Yay sporting event with $4m commercials!

So here’s the truth.  The Super Bowl holds zero interest for me.  None.  Not sure how or when this came to be, but there you have it.  My mother loved sports..I grew up with Arthur Ashe and Wayne Gretzky posters on my walls.  My sisters and brother love sports…to a probably unhealthy degree. (freaks)  And then there’s me.


Want to know what Super Bowl Sunday means to me?  New recipes to try on Pinterest.  I made 7 layer dip and Calico beans in the crock pot!  Mmmmmm.  Mark likes sports and keeps an eye on the occasional game, but not enough to make me want to run screaming from the house.  (Star Trek does that)

During my years living south of the border, NASCAR and football were religion.  Not to me, certainly….but for a lot of folks.  I used to sit and watch races and try to figure out what the big deal was…left turn…left turn…left turn…

And as for football…it wasn’t NFL football that was the huge deal, or even college ball.  It was high school football.  Those people did not screw around..high school football teams got police escorts, parades, towns would lose their damn minds over an upcoming game.  It was fun to get caught up in, but still nothing I was super interested in unless a girlfriend was cooking.  Those southern women don’t play in the kitchen on game day or race day.

My sister, bless her heart, (hahaha…see that?  The “Bless her heart”?  That’s a total southern thing) lives near Houston, Texas now and Football.  Is.  King.  down there.  My brother-in-law has been a rabid Cowboys fan all of his life and is living the dream, being in Texas with his beloved team.  My sister, besides being a football junkie, is also a crazy, take-no-prisoners, Martha-Stewart-is-jealous-of-her cook.  So you know she’s got it going on down in her kitchen today.  She took a picture of the line at her local store of people stocking up on snacks for the big game and the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was, “Is there a storm coming?”.  True story.  Why in the world would you be standing in a line like that unless there was a big storm headed your way?  Durrrrrrr….Super Bowl, Al.


People in Houston waiting to check out on game day. Stolen shamelessly from my sister. Hi, Robyn!

While driving in the car with Mad today, we heard someone talking on the radio about the game today and Mad asked who the Patriots were playing.  I actually had to stop and think about it.  Falcons?  Eagles?  Some kind of bird, right?  Seahawks!  Seattle Seahawks!  Her next question was…”We don’t have to watch it, do we?”.  A girl after my own heart.  Instead we’ll be enjoying the yummy eats and doing various arts & crafts.  Nary a under-inflated football in sight.  Yay football!  Home run!




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