Santa has left the building.

So I don’t have any children that believe in Santa any more.  This sort of kills me.  Last year, Mad had just turned 11, and while she pretty much knew..she still wanted to believe.  This year, with the girls at 17 and 12…it’s all over.  Mom is Santa.

With Hallee being autistic, she has always seen things in black and white.  Either the guy is real or he’s not..there is no in between.  She has never liked the whole Santa idea from the beginning.  “Wait a minute..let me see if I’ve got this right…a strange man comes into our house at night.  While we’re sleeping.  No.”  I had to tell her very early on that Mom was the real Santa in order to prevent the kid from calling 911 every Christmas Eve.

I’ve been shopping like a crazy woman for the last week or so trying to get the bulk of my shopping done and I see so many cute little kids and babies while I’m out.  Today in Walmart the most adorable little girl was gazing raptly at a kid’s toy kitchen set.  I heard her mom say, “I’ll bet Santa knows how much you want it and how good you’ve been…we’ll just have to wait and see!”  I died.  They were so cute together and both so excited about Christmas.

All of a sudden, instead of writing letters to Santa and making cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve, I’m getting texts from the kid reminding me of upcoming sales on and telling me that gift cards are the way to go.

That’s cool.  I’m good with gift cards.  Sort of.  Maybe.  Not.  *sniff*  I’ll just write With love from Santa on the envelopes.

2014-10-02 15.20.31

Are they not the most gorgeous?  STOP WITH THE GROWING UP ALREADY!


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