Blergh Friday, Black Friday…same thing.

Yeah,’s coming.  You guys know how I feel about it.  Black Friday.  BLERGH.  What a mess.  For someone who for all intents and purposes provides for her family by shopping, you’d think I’d be all insane and planning for BF.  Well I’m not.  I don’t care if crap is free, I’m not leaving my house in the wee hours for that nonsense.  What?  You love it?  You and your family/friends do it together every year?  You’re nuts, have at it.

With the advent of online shopping, I can get the same deals, no..better deals while sitting on my couch with a plateful of cold turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie in my pajamas.  Better how?  Better because I’m not out there getting elbowed in the kidney by the hopped up mom who thinks the world will end if her little precious doesn’t get a $20 Frozen Elsa doll.  And also because I have a truly low threshold for stupidity and foolish people, I am not the best role model for my children in situations like those.  Know your weaknesses, people.  Or carry bail money.  Just sayin’.

I’m not opposed to getting great deals, on the contrary, I’m all about it.  BUT…I get to shop for great deals any day of the week all year long.  I don’t want to leave my family on Thanksgiving to go out and buy….stuff.  Unless that “stuff” is chinese food.

Many stores are offer the same Black Friday deals online as in their physical stores that you can either pick up for free at their stores or have shipped for free!  I get free shipping from Target with my Target Red Card as well as with Amazon Prime.  By the end of the Black Friday/Cyber-Monday weekend last year, I was done with all my shopping and hadn’t left the house all weekend except to make a run to Hannaford for more Cool Whip.  As it should be.

However,   If it’s your thing and you’re into it, more power to you.  Shop on.  But if you’re like me and have a thing for yoga pants and pie, let me know what deals you’re looking for online during the big shopping (from home) weekend!
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Scarlet and I will right here on the couch.

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