Are you using Walmart’s Savings Catcher app?

There are lots of couponing apps that I’ve tried.  Some are good, some too much of a pain to use regularly or with any real success.  I’ve tried Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Savingstar.  But Walmart’s new Savings Catcher app has me pretty excited, and I’m not usually a Walmart shopper, but this is changing up my game!  (And I GOT GAME)

You download the free app on your smartphone or iPhone.  You shop at Walmart, and scan your receipt with said phone.  Walmart price matches the items you bought with other stores in your area (my app scans 55 local stores!) for a better price.  If there’s a better price in any other store that your app includes in your shopping area, you get the difference back!  The money gets put on a Walmart e-card to use right at your store or online at  Bam!  Easy money, Baby.

But wait!  There’s more!  It get’s even better!  If you open a free Blue Bird account with American Express (no fees!) your Walmart Savings Catcher app will give you the option to transfer your Walmart Reward Bucks (the money Walmart gives you back) to your linked Blue Bird account, and thru Feb. 28, 2015..Blue Bird will match the money you saved at Walmart!  So if you get back $1.00 from Savings Catcher, you click a button on your app, transfer it to your Blue Bird account, and now you have $2.00!  I opened a Blue Bird account this week and they say I’ll have my card in the mail in 7-10 days.  I’ve already got almost $10 in there and have 3 more receipts being scanned to compare prices.

This is pretty much changing the way I’ve couponed this week.  I went from being a not-so-excited-about-Walmart shopper, to a I’m-hitting-Walmart-first shopper.

Today I bought 4 Mott’s Apple Juice at Walmart.  They’re on sale at Shaw’s, which is one of the stores the app compares prices with for me here in Bangor.  So I’ll get back 48 cents from Walmart, which Blue Bird will 96 cents.  That’s $1.56 per bottle and there’s a $1/2 printable coupon to use as well, making them $1.02 each!

I also picked up 8 Near East Rice Pilaf.  $1.68 at Walmart.  It’s onsale this week at Shaw’s for 88 cents.  I’ll get the difference of 80 cents back which Blue Bird will double, so I’ll get back $1.60 per box, which leaves me paying 8 cents for each box!  Now be aware with this deal that Shaw’s has a limit of 8 for this deal, and so you’ll only get the difference on 8.

Then I bought a half gallon of Friendly’s Ice Cream for $3.58.  It’s on sale at Shaw’s right now for $2.50.  I’ll get the difference of of $1.08 back, which Blue Bird will double to $2.16, which means I got the ice cream for $1.42 without a single coupon!  I’m in love!

And I have a new shopping buddy!  This is Rex.  Rex belonged to my nephew Drew forever.  Drew is grown and gone to college at Baylor University now and poor Rex has been languishing in storage for years and years.  Until now.  My brother-in-law recently came up from Texas to close up their house for the winter and brought Rex over with intention of taking him back to Texas.  Unfortunately, Rex didn’t fit in his carry-on bag and…oh no!  Rex had to stay here with Auntie!  That’s OK, Rex was more than ready to be back in circulation and he and I have been running all over town getting him caught up.

2014-10-30 10.05.13In you go, Rex!  Time to hit the road!


2014-10-30 10.08.45Good boy, Rex.  Buckle up for safety.  Sorry about the stain on the car seat, I think that’s where a juice box leaked.  Hopefully.

2014-10-30 10.10.00I know, Rex.  I love it, too.

2014-10-30 10.41.07-2Get ready Rex…this is going to be good.  Walmart may have changed since you were here last.  Don’t bite anyone.

2014-10-30 11.19.25Apparently not.  Rex doesn’t like cold and flu season either.


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