I can quit Pinterest any time I want to….

Starting off right there with the title.  Big lie.  If Pinterest was a person they’d have a restraining order against me.  It’s my “me time” thing of choice.  When it first came out, I’ll admit that I didn’t get it.  A virtual pin board?  Why?  Why would I care what Susan in Omaha makes for dinner with leftover pork?  Or what Janie in Baton Rouge does with felt and a glue gun?  But then somewhere along the line, I needed ideas for teaching Mad how to tie her shoes.  Google threw me to Pinterest and I’ve never looked back.  Recipes, books, blogs, house decor (my fave), kids, home repair, hairstyles, you name it and I’ve either scoffed at it or pinned it.


Tonight I was looking back at my pins for a favorite recipe I’d tried a while back and thought maybe you guys would like it, too!  I’m weird (shocker) about raw eggs in food…well about most all food and all germs..total freak.  BUT, I digress.  I hated telling Mad no if she wanted to eat the raw cookie dough whenever I made cookies, but my fear of salmonella was greater than my need to please my kid.  Then, one day, I saw…..THIS.


Photo Life’s Simple Measures via Pinterest

And our little world was changed.  Now Hal is allergic to peanuts, so instead of using the peanut butter in the frosting, I just tossed a can of fudge frosting into the microwave for about 30 seconds and spooned it right over the top of the bars and when it hardens in the fridge…good God a’mighty.  There are lots of different pins for this recipe now, but this one remains my favorite.

Next on the hit parade?  Mark’s favorite cake.  Our mother made a version of this while we were growing up called Watergate Cake that was all kinds of awesome, but this one is the only sweet I can make that will tempt Mark off of his healthier foods for a day or two, usually on his birthday.

photo Food.com via Pinterest

photo Food.com via Pinterest

It’s absolutely stupid easy and so perfect during the hot summer months!  This cake usually finds all of us huddled around the kitchen island with spoons and the pan in the middle..that good.  I’ve also made it with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies…also nothing to sneeze at.

One of my most useful pins was this one for cleaning microfiber.  I found myself at one point with small kids and microfiber couch, ottoman and chairs..it was getting to the point that I thought I’d have to rent a steamer and then I saw this one.

photo makingtheworldcuter.com via Pinterest

photo makingtheworldcuter.com via Pinterest

Really does work like magic.  No stains, no watermarks…easy peasy.  I use this at least once a month to this day.   Note to self…never buy microfiber ottomans again.

It’s really a great way to stay connected and share with friends and family as well.  My sister, mom & even dad are on Pinterest and we all share pins and can see what the others are pinning, it’s actually really fun.  Pins on books that we’re reading, recipes that we’re making, decorating ideas and what we’re into for clothes this season, etc.  My sister is a fashion whore lover and I get tons of great ideas from her, since my usual go to is capri cargo pants and a tank top.  Fancy.  Mom is an amazing cook and gardener and I steal all kinds of great pins from her.  Dad?  Dad’s is actually almost more complex than ours.  History, books, movies, art, architecture, tech…he’s into it all.  Renaissance man, is our guy.  

So are you on Pinterest?  What do you pin?  What do you love to see?  Hate to see?  Laugh the hardest at?  My “Hee” board is one of my biggest and I never fail to find something that cracks me up.


As a huge Harry Potter geek fan, I love this one.


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