I want to bring my new crush into our home, my partner says no.

Oh, Cheeky Cheeksters…what did you think I was up to?  Naughty things?  The only naughtiness in our house is me eating ice cream at 11:00 at night even though I’m lactose intolerant and knowing that Mark will be the one to pay the price all night.

This is what I’m crushing on right now…BEHOLD THE GREATNESS!!

Her name is Alice and I love her.

Her name is Alice and I love her.

Mark and I have recently started hoarding stockpiling items for a reason I can’t share with you yet but will soon and oh my God you will die from the excitement!  That aside, a recent find was this blender.  Not just any blender, a vintage Osterizer Dual Range Pulse-Matic 10 Speed Blender in Avocado Green #854-05.  In nearly new condition.

I immediately imagined her in my kitchen, which I’ve just redone in retro pink, which looks divine, by the way.  I have antique cake stands, Pyrex bowls (also buried and unloved in an old box from someone’s barn) and this was such a cool, retro piece that I fell in love with it.  HOWEVER……Mark, aka The World’s Sweetest Sweetheart, seems to think I should list it online and sell it, since the really great retro stuff brings in big bucks.  and we already have 2 blenders..blah blah blah whatever.

So I left her downstairs in the garage, figuring out of sight, out of mind.  Until this morning, when I went out to take pictures so I could list it online.  The light hit her thick, glass canister..the orange pulse button peeking coyly at me…and I caved.  I ran her upstairs, washed her in hot, sudsy water and plonked her down on the counter.  I’m pretty sure we were meant to be together.

I was born in 1969, into a sea of avocado green, orange and browns.  The refrigerator I took a swan-dive from the top of at age 4..avocado green to match the counter tops. FYI,  I had new Wonder Woman pajamas and my sister told me I could fly in them.  Thanks, Rob.  This necessitated my father running me to our next door neighbor who was a veterinarian and having my head sewn up with green catgut…good times.  The crocheted plant hangers that my mother kept spider plants and ferns in..avocado green and orange.  Several pairs of my Danskin bell bottoms and Toughskin jeans..yep, you guessed it.  So I have a fondness for the vintage stuff.

What do you guys think?  If I keep her, she makes me happy but no one else.  If I list her I get money to buy more stuff..possibly also retro and cool.  Did I mention that I love her?

This would be me, circa 1973.  My mother did that to our bangs for the next 10 years.

This would be me, circa 1973. My mother did that to our bangs for the next 10 years.

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