And a good time was had by all.

So a week or so ago, I got a message from Erin Thomas over at WVII Channel 7 here in town.  She wanted to do a story on extreme couponing, would I be interested in going shopping with her so she could check it out?  I immediately said yes, because I’m an attention whore  I wanted to show couponing in a good light, without misuse…something there’s been way too much of lately.

So all week I worked like a crazy person (like that was a stretch) and got as many deals together as I could for my trip today with Erin, who by the way is the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen.  You totally want to put her in your pocket and take her home.  But I learned my lesson after the last restraining order.  Hahahahaha…I kid….or do I?

I got lots of great deals together for Target since I knew we could use the $5/15 personal care coupon that’s been available this week ($5 off a purchase of $15 select products) for so many great items at a huge savings.  I’ve gotta say, the managers there were wonderful about us coming in with a video camera and helped us out with whatever we needed, couldn’t have been nicer..thank you Bangor Target team!  You’re my happy place for a reason.

So off we went and got almost every single deal I wanted to get..the shelves were stocked and I even found some great treats on clearance AND THE TENT!  Yes, I got an awesome and amazing Embark 2 person tent for $8 (usually $30) and change AND it had a 10% cartwheel!  Whaaaaaat?  Who does that?  Me.  I do that.

So end of the day, I hope that folks can see that couponing the right way, even extreme couponing can be easy to learn and so much fun.  I walked out of there today with well over $100 worth of stuff and paid $20.01 out of pocket, and got back a $5 gift card.  I now have $15 in gift cards from this past week to keep rolling on great sales next week!  Now if I had wanted to, I could have used those gift cards and only paid $5.01 today, but there’s some great deals coming up that I want them for that you guys will FLIP over.  Boy are we getting some deals soon!

Thank you to Erin Thomas and Target for a really fun morning!

2014-06-13 12.01.32

4 boxes of Quaker Chewy Bars on clearance for .50 each

2 packages of Market Pantry bagels $1.44 each

2 packages of Carefree panty liners 20 ct .94 each

3 season Embark tent regularly $30.99, on sale for $8.98

4 bottles of Garnier Fruictis shampoo & conditioner $2.99 each

1 bottle of Speedstick Gear body wash for men $3.99

4 L’Oreal Styling products $3.99 each

4 L’Oreal shampoo & conditioner (trial size) .98 each

3 ACT adult mouth wash $5.89 each (received $5 gc)

3 Dove Men + Care shower tool $3.99 each

1 Dove Men + Care body wash $5.39

$108 retail, paid $20.01 oop and got $5 back.  So $15.01 after gc!



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