I made money buying deodorant today..no sweat.

Today was the perfect storm of couponing for me.  Everything on my list was in stock, I didn’t forget any coupons again at home, I didn’t have to pee every 5 minutes (yay for only 1 cup of coffee before leaving the house today) and I got a somewhat early start by booting Mad out of the car at school and yelling, “Tuck and roll, Baby!” before peeling off and heading down to Shaw’s. Hahahaha, that’s a lie.  I went to Target first.

First stop was Target where I needed to stock up on some items that I was running low on.  I get crazy nervous when the stockpile starts running low.  I was Joe Dirt poor for too many years for me to be able to let go of my depression-era mentality now.  Must.  Keep.  Stockpile.  Full.

Here’s my list from today.   First was the Up & Up hand soap that was on sale for .89 each and buy 3 get one free.  I also used a 5% Cartwheel offer making all 4 $2.52.

Soft Scrub bathroom cleaner on sale for $2.79.  I bought 2 and used (2) $1/1 printable MQ’s and (2) $1/1 printable TQ’s making each bottle 79 cents.

I box of Wasa multi-grain crackers on sale for $2.25, used (1) $1/1 MQ from Wasa’s FB page, making it $1.25 per big package.  I could live on these things, I spread veggie cream cheese on them..yeah, Baby.

2.5 lb bag of Market Pantry frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts on sale for $5.99, used a $1/1 TQ and 5% Cartwheel making the bag $4.74.  I got the 4 cheese and herb today and made it for dinner and it is goooooood.  I’ll be getting that one from now on.  The big bag makes enough for all 4 of us to eat for dinner and have left-overs for tomorrow.

Two BIG boxes of Hormel ready to eat bacon on clearance for $3.68 each.  Big.  Bacon.  Boxes.

2 Oscar Mayer P3 packs on sale for $1.50 each.  Used (2) $1/1 MQ’s making the 50 cents each.  These are great to toss into lunch boxes.

3 boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes @ $1.99 each.  Used (1) $3/3 MQ, making each box 99 cents!  Woot!  Now for what it’s worth, no one else in the house will eat these.  Mine..all mine.  Also on specially marked boxes, there are codes to enter on Kellogg’s Family Rewards to earn free e-tickets to theaters to see the new Spiderman.

2 boxes of GoGo Sqeez 4pks on sale for $2.49, used (2) $1/1 MQ’s making each box $1.49 or about 62 cents per pouch.

1 package of Market Pantry hamburger buns $1.13 after 5% Cartwheel.

1/2 Gallon of milk $2.49

1 pk Zest soap 3 bars $1.99

Here’s a great one!  Men’s Speedstick deodorant 2 pack is on sale for $3.89.  Buy 3, get a free $5 gift card.  Well I had 3 $2/1 MQ’s, but there were only 2 packs left on the shelf.  A floor manager was nearby and I asked him if there were any left.  He looked and said no, but to take the two I had up front and tell them to deduct $5 from the price in lieu of the $5 gift card.  So 2 double packs at $3.89=$7.78.  Minus (2) $2/1 MQ’s =$3.78…MINUS the $5 instead of the gift card AND THEY PAID ME $1.22 TO TAKE 4 DEODORANTS OUT OF THEIR STORE!  What the what?  Who does that?  Me.  I do that.

3 tins of wet cat food so Fatzilla will take her pills @ 54 cents each.

5 VitaminWater (no sodium!) on sale for 80 cents each.  Used (1) $1/5 MQ making the total $3 for 5 bottles.

Coffee Mate!  Love this stuff!  Bought 4 on sale for $1.99.  Used (4) $1/1 MQ’s and (2) $1/2 TQ’s and 5% Cartwheel making them about 50 cents each.  Coffee at my house!!

2 Market Pantry 100% apple juice @ $1.99 each.  Used (1) $1/2 TQ and 5% Cartwheel, total $2.82.

1 package of Market Pantry bagels, $1.44.

1 tub of Market Pantry cream cheese $2.39 and got .50 off as a promo offer I didn’t know about, so $1.98.   Last week Target had a sale on MP cream cheese, $1 for a brick and I got two, but I wanted the spreadable tub of veggie cream cheese today to go with my Wasa crackers.

1 bag of Utz Chips $2.50

1 pack of Orbit gum .48

I found 4 Poland Springs Natural drinks (no sodium for those of us who have had a kidney stone try to kill us) on clearance for 58 cents each, usually they are $1-$1.25.

Two Reese’s cups that may or may not have made it out of the parking lot.  .67 each.

Grand total after using my REDcard that automatically takes 5% your total purchase?  $45.73.  I saved  $42.83.

2014-05-01 11.17.21

Huh..wonder what happened to those Reese’s?

2014-05-01 18.04.05



Now we race out of Target (within the speed limit, of course.  Hey, Bangor PD!)  and head to Shaw’s.  I wanted to get the Tony’s Pizza deal earlier in the week, but they were completely sold out by the time I got there on Monday and weren’t expecting another truck until this morning.  The deal was Tony’s Pizza on sale for $2.00.  I had (3) .50/1 printable q’s that doubled to a dollar, making each pizza $1.00.  I also had (4) .75/2 printables that doubled and got me 8 more at $1.25 each.  Total?  $12.75  11 pizzas averaging $1.15 a piece.  Saved $30.89.

2014-05-01 11.21.26




2014-05-01 18.02.26

So, little chickens.  We spent $58.48 total at both stores.  We saved $73.72.  That’s $73 bucks add back into the household budget.  That will pay a utility bill, two tanks of gas for the Volvo or a whole lot of cute summer clothes that we’ll be finding at yard sales soon!  Yard sales…sigh.  It’ll be warm and sunny again soon…RIGHT?  (It was raining and 50’s here again today)

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