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So I’ve had this dumpy little side table for several years.  I got it at a yard sale way back when and have shuffled it around from room to room trying to find it a home.  The table itself was a mess, peeling veneer on the sides, scarred wood on the top, but I loved the shape, the little curved legs with the graceful turn.  I’m not sure what it’s original purpose was, if there were ever doors on the front or if it was a small TV table.  Whatever it was supposed to be, I hung onto it.

This past weekend I got my Pinterest (an even better happy place than Target, because I don’t have to wear pants) on and started getting ideas.  Mad needed a bedside table in her room, something with a little storage room so we’re not trying to free her iPod or TV remote from the depths of her bunk beds every day.  And bunk beds..didja know that anything that falls down between the mattress and the sides of the beds is pretty much lost forever?  True story.  Unless you want to wrangle out the entire mattress, then the sheet of plywood that it sits on and if you can still bend or twist at that point, you can try to grab whatever it is that fell down.  Like the kid’s iPod.  Or her remote.  Again.

Anyhoo…we started off with a plain, unpainted little wooden table.  Mad picked out a color she loved and we bought two cans of Krylon, $3.27 each at Walmart.  And then I painted like a pro. guys are so gullible.  You know I asked Mark to do that mess.  Umpteen coats and both cans of paint later, it was dahling!

2014-04-28 14.59.14-2

I had a left-over roll of the zebra striped contact paper I used on Mad’s bunk beds and lined the inside of the little table with it and it is super cute!  So the table we already had, I spent about $8 on paint and I already had the contact paper.  Not a bad out of pocket for a really nice little table with storage for her room.  With yard sale season coming up, it’ll be fun to find little worn out bits and redo them, give them new life.

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