Vacation all I ever wanted…

The girls were sick over the last two weeks and it feels like we’ve been stuck inside forever..if I have to pick up one more crumpled tissue, put Vaseline on one more chapped nose, dole out one more dose of Dimatapp/DayQuil/Ibuprofen/Tylenol..I’ll lose my mind.

Luckily, they are on April vacation this week and we got some much needed fresh air and exercise today.

Miss Hal doing her swing thing.

Miss Hal doing her swing thing.

There were so many people out at the park today..every mom in town seemed to be there with kids, riding bikes, scooting, basketball, jump rope, it was great.  Big kids, little kids, moms galore…and one dad.  Go, Dad!

Sitting watching all of the moms with their kids, I felt so blessed.  Being able stay at home and take care of my kids is a huge gift.   Having to stay at home to care for a special needs child is without a doubt a challenge and it hasn’t always been easy, but the positives easily outweigh the negatives.  I get to drive Mad , my NT (neuro-typical) to school every day and meet their buses every afternoon.  Every day it’s Mom that gets to help with homework (turns out 5th grade math requires a lot of Googling), hear all of the latest gossip, commiserate over friendships gone awry and IT IS AWESOME.

Mad..crazy legs!

Mad..crazy legs!

I’m greedy with this time off, because like so much with kids, it goes by way too fast.  This week we’ll shop, cook lots of goodies, hit McDonald’s once or twice (yes, they still have the frigging My Little Pony toys..can we get rid of those already, guys?), every park in town (weather permitting), enjoy lazy mornings with laptops and coffee (me).  Mad is my shopping buddy.  She loves to hit all of the thrift stores with me and has a thing for Target.  Imagine.  We’ll hit them all this week.  Hallee hates shopping for the most part, so we try to alternate days so that each girl gets a day to do things that she loves.  And Mark actually has a rare Saturday off this weekend so hopefully the weather will be nice and we can all get out together as a family.

But while we’re going to be having lots of fun, it’s also important to remember others.  We will be taking a donation of our stockpile goods to the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter.  I always want to impress upon the girls that we have to help others.  We may not have everything in the world, but we have enough to share.  But today…we played.  Bikes, scooter, park, painting nails and playing with make-up, My Little Ponies..and I loved every minute of it.  OK, maybe the Ponies got old after awhile, but the rest was wonderful.

ps..Somebody remind me of this post in late July when we’re all sick of the pool and bored and the kids are fighting and I end up hiding in the garage for 5 minutes of peace, yeah?




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