No, YOU buy too much toilet paper.

Last night I sat up late, with my laptop, scissors and printer all fired up.  I sorted, printed, clipped and got ready for today’s trips.  I had 4 stops planned and they started, as always, at Shaw’s.

My goal there was Stonyfield Yogurt.  Regular blended cups on sale for .50 each and Greek cups $1.00.  Have you tried their caramel Greek?  Yeah, Baby.

I bought 4 blended cups @ .50 each.  I used (2) .50/2 mq’s.  (Manufacturer’s coupons) which doubled, making all 4 free.

I bought 4 Greek cups @ $1 each.  I used (2) $1/2 mq’s, making them $2 for 4.  (worth it)

I also found 3 bags of sliced snacking apples in the produce section marked down to .50 each.  These are a huge bonus for school lunches and snacks.

Total for Shaw’s..8 organic yogurts, 3 big bags of sliced apples $3.50



Next I scooted up the road to Family Dollar.  Not a store I frequent much, but I was super excited to get this deal.  64 oz Mott’s juice or 6 pack, on sale for $2.  (usually $2.85)   I bought 2 64 oz bottles of juice @ $2 each.  Used (2) $1/1 mq’s, making them $1 each.  Seriously?  In our house we cut most fruit juice 50/50 with water to lessen the amount of sugar the kids are getting and that is a LOT of juice for $2.

2014-04-02 15.26.32



After getting my juice on at FD, I went on down the road to Walgreen’s to grab a couple more bottles of Dawn while they’re on sale for .99 each.  I bought 2 Dawn Hand Renewal dish soaps @ .99 each.  Usually $3.18, used in store coupon (flyer) to take them down to .99 each.  Then used (1) $1/2 mq making them .49 each.  I usually grab a couple of these each day the sale runs, definitely a stock up price on dish soap.

2014-04-02 15.27.17Also while at Walgreens, I picked up my free 8×10 photo from a few days ago.  Walgreens often has free codes for photo services and this week there was one for a free 8×10.  I love these for the grandparents!

And finally, I saved the best for last..Target.  Ahh..just typing the name relaxes me.  I should get help write about it more.  I had two transactions this morning, the first was…

Bought 2 Quilted Northern 30 pk of double rolls, on sale for $15.00 each.  Used (2) $1.50/1 mq, used (1) $1/1 Target mobile q, and 15% Cartwheel.  There’s also a .50 coupon out there, but I forgot that one.  Very sad.  Not really.  So out of pocket I paid $24.65 and got a $10 gift card back. (promotional deal in the store for buying two of the Quilted Northern)

Second transaction.  Bought 1 gallon of Up&Up bleach, on sale for $1.  Used (1) $1/1  Target Mobile q, making it free.

Bought 4 Vitamin Waters @ .80 each.  (the orange have no sodium!  Screw you, kidney stones!)

Bought 1 Noosa yogurt.  Ridiculously good and ridiculously expensive @ $2.39 each.  I used (1) Target q (printable from Target’s website) and one .55/1 mq making it .74, still expensive for a yogurt, but wanted one to put in the freezer.  They make to die for frozen yogurts as a treat.

Bought 4 Hot Pockets $2 each.  Used (1) $1/4 Target q.  Used (2) $1/2 mq.  Used 10% Cartwheel, making them about $1.10 each.

Bought 1 Airborn vitamin c @ .99.  Used (1) $1.50/1 mq, making it better than free.

Grand total?  $9.85, which I gladly paid with the $10 gift card I had just gotten from the toilet paper deal.

2014-04-02 15.26.19

2014-04-02 17.44.00

So what did I spend today on everything I got?

Target:  $22.46 and saved about $40.

Walgreens:  $1.09 and saved $5.36.

Family Dollar:  $2.10 and saved about $3.60.

Shaw’s:  $3.50 and saved $8.00.

$29.15.  I’ll take it!  The toilet paper alone would have cost me $30 out of pocket, since they were $15 each at Target, so pretty much all of the rest?  Free.

2014-04-02 11.23.56-1



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