Target & I need to see other people for awhile.

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Did you guys do the $20 off $50 sale at Target this past week?  This one killed me, y’all.  Spend $50 on certain household and cleaning items and get $20 off, then as low as you can get the remainder with coupons.  I did two separate trips and spent about $20-$21 each trip, getting $120 in items.  Toilet paper, paper towels, Swiffer Wet Jet, refills, garbage bags, tissues, Glade oil refills, Clorox wipes…everything that makes a little OCD heart go pitter-pat.  I spent days wandering around Target in multiple trips, trying to decide what I would actually use.

I was faced with the “I want it” vs “I won’t use it” thing again.  To hoard or not to hoard, that is the question.  I’m trying to coupon responsibly, not getting stuff just for the sake of having it because it was cheap or free.  It’s one thing if I can donate it or give it to family, but that’s not always an option.  So do I hoard carpet sweepers when I have a house full of hardwood floors?  (I want to)  Do I get a lifetime supply of scented fabric softeners when both Maddy and I have super sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of perfumes?  (I wanted those, too)  One part of my money-saving little brain says, “Hell yeah, Girl!  Go get some free stuff!”  The other half says, “Get a grip.  Remember the 20 cans of free shave gel that you’ve used exactly one of in 8 months?”

I’ve said it before.  It’s a fine line sometimes between having just to have and having because you will need it.  I don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders.  For me it took awhile.  Free was awesome!  Giddy-making!  Woohoo!  Then I realized the time and effort I was spending getting things we would never use was counter-productive.  Food sat wasting on my pantry shelves, going past it’s sell-by date because no on in our house liked it.  So I cut back.  If we can’t use it or won’t eat it..we don’t get it.

So even though it’s my own personal Disneyland..I’m all shopped out right now.  Target and I need to be on a break for a bit, maybe see other people for awhile.  A month.  A week…who am I kidding.

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