Never count kids like mine out…they’ll surprise you every time.

It’s been a slow week here at the ranch.  Even though I felt so much better almost immediately after the kidney stone (Stonepoclalypse?  Stonegate?) incident last weekend, I hadn’t counted on it taking quite so much out of me.  I’ve been taking it easy..lots of naps, cuddling up on the couch with the kids or reading a good book in bed when it’s quiet.

Blessedly, the girls at 16 and 11 are more than able to keep the house from burning down on top of us when Mom’s under the weather.  Hallee will come downstairs when I’m having a nap and announce loudly, “Mommy, you’re asleep?  You go ahead and rest now, I will take care of you.”  Awww.  Pretty amazing considering that empathy and sympathy are both emotions that a lot of autistic children don’t show and yet my Best Gal Pal Hal has it in spades.  I could do without the cold little hands being smacked aimlessly around my face while she checks me for fever, but other than that it’s pretty sweet.

She kind of blew my mind this morning.  We were getting dressed to make our first venture out this week..a quick run to Target (Where else?)  I came upstairs to her bathroom to do her hair and she pointed sharply (who needs eyeballs?) at my eyes and said, “What’s that?  Not a-scara.”  (Her word for mascara)  I looked in the mirror and said, “That’s Mom’s eye shadow.  Make-up, do you like it?”  She thought about it for a second and said, “It doesn’t hurt”.  I told her no, of course not..did she want me to put a little bit on her?  “Next time”, she declared.  Well I’ll be.  Was the 16 year old girl pushing the autistic girl aside and peeking out?

Organizing the pantry.  I put cereal on the pasta shelf, messed her whole day up.

Organizing the pantry. I put cereal on the pasta shelf, messed her whole day up.

Then, to further amaze me, she looked back and forth between the two of us in mirror and said, “What’s that called?  Nail clippers?” as she pointed at her eyebrows and then mine, miming tweezing her eyebrows.   “Tweezers?”  I asked.  “You mean what Mom uses to pluck her eyebrows?  They’re not clippers, they pull the little hairs out.”  She’s seen me do this countless times and while interested, has never mentioned anything about her own lovely, full brows.  “It hurts?  It cuts you?”  She asked.  “Nope, no cutting, just pulls them out, very quick, doesn’t really hurt.”  “You will do mine”, she announced.  She pointed to the middle of her two brows and said, “There, you do that?”.  And sure enough..3 or 4 stray hairs were there.  Girlfriend has gorgeous, thick eyelashes and brows and I had never thought of changing the brow situation.  It would have always been more for me than for her.  But she had obviously been looking and it had been something she wanted changed.

What 16 year old girl doesn’t live in front of the mirror?  Why should my kid be any different, just because she’s autistic?  So I ran downstairs and got my trusty tweezers and do you know that girl didn’t move a muscle?  Let me clean up her brows and ran right to the mirror to check out the results.  Rockstar.  Now Mad on the other hand, has been playing with make-up, temporary hair streaks, jewelry and nail art since she was a tot.  She could probably do a better job on my face at this point than I can.  But to see Hal venture into new territory, age appropriate territory…verklempt.

As is so often the case with kids like mine…grace in small things.  Milestones arrive years late, but they do arrive.  Mad & I had to do a double take at Target when Hallee said to us, “I may have a skirt”?  Huh?  Who is this kid and where’s Hallee?  Girlfriend does not do skirts.  Mad is the skirt and dress queen, Hal is the leggings and yoga pants queen.  (Wonder where she gets that?)  So off to skirts we went.  She didn’t see anything that caught her attention, but spring things are arriving and there will be lots more to choose from and I will give her free reign.  I love that she’s opening up to new things.  My girls never cease to amaze me.

My own personal happy place.

My own personal happy place.

There you have it.  Talk of urinary issues, kids and shopping.  I think I’ve got all the bases covered there.  Hopefully the shopping will pick up next week when I’m back to normal and the girls are back in school.  If you’ve got kiddies at home this week, what are you doing to pass the long days full of sibling battles and messes for fun?

.29 each at Target.  Are they horrible?  Wonderful?  I just knew I needed them.

.29 each at Target. Are they horrible? Wonderful? I just knew I needed them.

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