No butts update.

Day one.  No one died.  I call this a win.

Biggest stressor of the day?  Getting kids ready and out the door this morning.  The outfit is wrong, the hair is wrong, I hate those hair elastics, why did you make me that for lunch…you get the idea.  Typically I would look forward to having the house to myself, clean & quiet…pour a cup of coffee that I can actually finish while it’s hot and a smoke.

What I did instead.  Got the little one dropped off at school and did errands.  Went to the dollar store, got a new pair of reading glasses because I’m all old and blind and stuff.  Went to the bank deposited the $6 I would have spent on cigarettes into savings. Talked to my sister who is my counselor in times of “Everyone sucks, this sucks”.   Came home and cleaned and popped Nicorette lozenges like a fiend.

Something Rob (sis) brought up, hypnotism & acupuncture.  Anyone ever tried either one?  I really hesitate to try the prescription pills to quit, I’ve known two people personally who had really scary reactions to them and it spooked me.  I know the chances of bad reactions are small, and compared to smoking the dangers are pretty nil..but still.  So there you have it.  24 hours and I’m not behind bars or in a padded room.   I haven’t eaten myself out of my yoga pants yet, although fat is the least of my worries.  I can lose weight, I can’t lose lung cancer.

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