Shaw’s and Walgreens Savings.

Loving this sale at Shaw’s this week.  Typically I only see a good one that I hit over and over every 4 or 5 months and this is one of them!  Today I went back for trip #3 and got this haul.

See how I made it pretty for you?  It's because I care about you.

See how I made it pretty for you? It’s because I care about you.  Really.  And I’ll respect you in the morning.

The Green Giant boxed veggies I’ve stocked up on twice already this week, but I ordered MANY coupons and have a couple left yet to use.  Today I got 16 more using .80/4 coupons making them 60 cents while they’re on sale for $1 each.  I now have close to 40 in the freezer and am thrilled to have them.  Cheaper than canned veggies and so much better!

The YoCrunch I got 12 more of.  Mad loves these and they’ll be gone in a week or so.  I also put extras in the freezer for a snack or to put in her lunchbox to keep it cold.  These are on sale this week for 70 cents and I used coupons for .25 off one and .50 off two, which made them 20 cents each after coupons doubled.  Score!  And I believe his name is Dan?  The dairy manager?  Isn’t he great?  He has put up my stalking him several mornings a week in the dairy aisle for years.  When they stopped carrying my Voskos Greek Honey yogurt with the plastic lid (NOT TINFOIL!) I whined at him for weeks.  Very patient man.

The Powerade were free..they’re on sale for $1 and I had two coupons for 50 cents that doubled.  If this were a regular, not zero (sugar free) deal, I’d be all over it and getting it by the case.  The zero is gross.  Just my opinion.

The GoGo Squeeze is on sale for $2.50 and I used two .75/1 coupons which doubled to $1.50 off, making it a buck each!  I love these for lunch boxes!

Now I went of track over in the dairy clearance usual.  They had the Nestle ready to bake cookies on clearance for $1 each.  There were at least 30 of them in there and I wanted them all.  But since I didn’t have a coupon for them, I showed some restraint and only got 4.  The Welch’s peach and mango juice was dated good until January 21 and was marked down to $1.00 as well.  Mine.  Actually, Mad’s, because I hate mango, but she’ll be happy.  So there’s $5 I hadn’t planned on spending, but still consider it money well spent.

The Babybel cheese (cutest cheese evah) is on sale for $2.50 each this week and I used coupons for $1/1 to get them for $1.50 each.

And lastly..the Noni’s biscotti..they were on clearance for $1.75.  I wanted them for my coffee in the afternoon.  I am weak.

So there’s another Shaw’s trip..$25 out of pocket, saved 66%.  It would have been less than $20, which is what I had budgeted, but I have no self-control and wanted those cookies.

Made a quick run to Walgreen’s on my way home and checked out the clearance enders which are OVERFLOWING WITH AMAZING DEALS.  Tons of L’Oreal hair products, Garnier, Head n’ Shoulders, great hair stuff for a few bucks, even less if you have coupons.  For real..go look.  I went to the Brewer store and scored a few goodies.

Love clearance!

Love clearance!

The Emergen-C, which I live on this time of year, was marked down to $6 something..I don’t have my glasses and can’t tell you what the sticker says there in the picture.  Anyway, I had a $1.50 off one q and when I checked out, it actually rang up $3.99, so I paid $2.50.  For that whole 30 count box.  Whaaaat?  I wish there had been a million more.  The conditioner was marked down to $2.24 and I had a coupon for $2/1, making it 24 cents.  Nice, huh?  And lastly the Mitchum was on clearance for $2.19 and I used a $2/1 coupon making it 19 cents.  Again, I wish there had been 10 more or so..what a deal!  Crazytown, right?  The clearance enders make me super happy.  There may have also been some M&M’s purchased and eaten quickly…it’s foggy to me now.

So there’s today’s shop..I’m more than happy with it and the things I ended up with for such great prices.  I have a few coupons left to use up at Shaw’s this week before the sale ends.  I have 8 more coupons to use on the Cascadian Farms granola that is 30 cents after coupons, but the shelves were empty again today.  They may be getting one more delivery tomorrow, but if not I can get a rain check for them, and I have 2 more Green Giant q’s to use and then I’ll be all done.  Hope you all are finding some great deals, too!  Now go buy me some more pretzel M&M’s while they’re 59 cents each.

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