The Post In Which I Fix Stuff & Don’t Blow Anything Up.

As you may have noticed if you live in our little corner of Maine, there’s a wind advisory out there today.  Trying to avoid being decapitated by flying sleds, Christmas trees and garbage cans is quite the cardio workout..who knew?  And while it’s back to the regular winter routine after the freakishly warm weather yesterday, it’s not in the negatives today, which is a bonus.

So I went out running errands today, and when I got home I noticed the house felt a bit chilly, but as I had just run the gamut from car to mailbox to house, I figured it was just me and started doing some housework.  (I know, the earth didn’t even stop spinning or anything!)  I ran some hot water to wash dishes and noticed that….there was none.  Hot water, that is.  Hm..  Went to the bathroom faucets, no hot water.  Went downstairs, no hot water.  Well, frick.  And of course Mark is out on a job today, way, way down east and not due home til late.  Psht.  I can handle this.  I’ve raised two kids as a single mom with next to no income before, there’s not much I can’t MacGyver at this point.  If duct tape can be put on it, I can fix it.

So I head out to the garage where the water heater/boiler thing lives.  Now this isn’t a plain old water heater that used to hunker down in my old basement, home to spiders and a funky smell.  This is the hot water on demand, robot, I’m pretty sure it talks to you thing that looks like someone from NASA has to be there to work on it.

Mighty lot of switches and levers here.

Mighty lot of switches and levers here.

First thing I see is that there’s a flashing code on the monitor screen.  “AD”.  Hm.  This can’t be good.  The whole system has turned itself off, which is really super not good because it also heats the house.  I go over and look at the fuse box, nothing tripped.  Go upstairs and wonder if the house is going to blow up.  Make a cup of coffee.  If I’m going to get blown to hell, I want coffee in me first.

Venture back down to the garage.  Yep.  Still flashing.  Come inside and Google the make and model of said water heater/might kill you thing.  Hey…trouble shooting guide!  Sweet!  Sure enough, there’s the fault code AD listed.  Condensation issue.  Follow the schematic..says to cycle the power to the unit.  What does that mean?  Cycle the power?  What, turn the power off and back on?  Like when Maddy’s downloaded too many My Little Pony games and locks up my laptop?  I can totally do that.  Go back to fuse box, fuse #15 runs the water heater thing.  Flip it off, count to ten, turn that bad boy back on.  VICTORY IS MINE!!  No more flashing code, heater kicks right on, hot water runneth over!  I am totally wasted as a writer..I should be a fixer of things that could blow your house up.

We are the champions, my friends...

We are the champions, my friends…

I go inside and text Mark.  “Girlfriend is a genius”.  Walk around doing my George Jefferson swagger (you gotta be as old as me) and wash my hands in the glorious hot water of my own making.  Go upstairs to finish the dishes and bam.  Dream shattered.  No hot water.  Sigh.  Back downstairs.  Yep, code AD.  Son of a biscuit.  Text Mark again, somewhat deflated.  He tells me to check the vent outside, is it iced up?  Vent?  What vent?  The dryer vent?  Why would that be iced up?  Turns out it wasn’t the dryer vent, and there was no ice on it anyway.  He said to check the propane tanks.  Both full.

So if it worked once, why not try it again?  I flipped the fuse off, waited and flipped it on again.  Ta-da!  Fixed again!  (OK, not really fixed, as I didn’t fix any kind of condensation problem that I’m aware of, unless I’m just that good and did it without realizing it.  Which could totally be the case.)  As of now, I still have heat and hot water and haven’t blown the house up, which is pretty cool.  So if you need stuff to not blow up, you should probably call me.


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