Why Can’t I Quit You, Coupons?

I swear to God, you know how when you’re single, there’s not a man/woman to be found, and then as soon as you meet somebody, they’re falling out of the woodwork?  Yeah.  Same thing with coupons.  A few days ago I decided to focus solely on food items instead of all of the other crap I apparently can’t live without non-grocery items, which I have a ton of.

And now that I’ve made this decision, deals for non-grocery items are falling out of the sky and right into my shopping buggy.  True story.  Take yesterday for example.  Mark asked me if I could please find him a magnifying glass.  (Hahaha…OLD)  So I thought I’d run into Rite Aid super quick and grab one.  While hunting around for one ($5!  Ouch!) I saw these…

These are my very favorite hand creams.  Not lotion..cream.  Thick like Crisco, no smell, works like a son of a gun on winter hands.  Usually around $1, they were marked down 50% off to .49 each.  I bought every last one they had, which was 7.  I adore these and keep one in my bag, in the car, in the kids backpacks..awesome stuff.

Then I was looking around at the holiday clearance stuff and found these..

Again, on clearance for .99, marked down to .49.  I took the 4 they had left.  These are smart for this time of year.  In the glove box in case of a breakdown, in the house for power outages..nice to tuck into a pocket.  I wish they had more!

Then, I saw the Tide.  40 load box of Tide Powder (original) marked down from $11.49 to $2.87.  The big bags of Tide Boost pods were marked down from $9.99 to $2.47.  I nearly fell over.  And of course, as I was only planning on running in and out, I didn’t have my coupon binder with me.  Doht!  Didn’t matter, still a steal.

100 loads right there.

100 loads right there.

I may or may not have also gone a little crazy with the Christmas candy that was on clearance.  Moving on…

Today Hal and I had to run to Target to grab a pair of earmuffs for her.  While there, I browsed thru my coupon binder seeing what might coincide with the sales and Cartwheel offers currently available and I saw these..

Great deal!

Great deal for Mark!

These are the Nicorette mini lozenges, 81 count that are $39.09..I know, not smoking is just as costly as smoking..at least financially.  I had a $15 manufacturer’s coupon, a $10 Target coupon and there was a 20% off Cartwheel offer.  I ended up paying $12 out of pocket..a whole lot cheaper than $40!  Woohoo!  I got the last 2 mg, but the lady I asked said they’ll be restocking more tonight, so I will for sure go back and get more of these tomorrow.

I did end up using my Cartwheel offers on 10% off a carton of eggs, 10$ off M&M’s, which I used a MC with (Christmas clearance), and 10% off on Fabreeze which was 50% off already because they were holiday scents, and I had MQ’s on those as well.  Retail would have been over $70 for this Target run, I paid $26 and change.  AND I used my Redcard, which Target swears is safe now so…that gave me another 5% my total.   None too shabby.

Now to get back to grocery couponing….I’m going to gear up for a big shop here in the next week or two.  I’ll let you know what’s on my list and what coupons I’ll be using.  Unless I find some really good 75% off Christmas clearance stuff and then we’ll be eating that instead.







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