I Feel So Used.

I been done wrong, you guys.  http://www.post-gazette.com/business/2013/12/19/Target-acknowledges-security-breach-40-million-accounts-compromised/stories/201312190236  Why, Target?  Why you gotta do me like that?  Was I too clingy?  Too needy?  I love you!  Call me!



Like countless other lemmings Target shoppers, I’ve spent the last 24 hours checking bank statements making sure I hadn’t been one of the thousands of unfortunate folks who had their data stolen.  When I first heard of the breach yesterday, went online to cancel my Redcard.  Their website was down.  I tried calling for hours, busy signal, no signal, hold, more busy signals.  Apparently I wasn’t alone.

Still not able to get thru this morning and going by the hundreds of very angry comments on Target’s Facebook page, I bypassed the whole nightmare and headed straight to my bank.  They were just learning about the breach themselves and had limited information to go on.  I was assured by my account specialist (Beth S. at BFCU, nicest banker out there) that any wonky activity would be flagged as fraud and that all was good in the financial ‘hood.   Phew.

After making sure my card was good and safe and my account blocked from any shady transactions, I sat in my car and pondered. Do I go back?  I trusted them, man.  They made me fall in love with them with their clean bathroom and awesome buggies and then screwed with my bank account heart.Target finally put out a statement saying that it was safe to shop again, but I’m not feeling it just yet.  I need to put on sweatpants, eat ice cream and drunk dial call some ex’s girlfriends first.  While I jam some empty carbs down my gullet and cruise my credit report, let’s listen to a little break up music together.  Call me?

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