To Shop Or Not To Shop….That Is The Question.

So.  Black Friday.  Are you crazy brave enough to face down the masses in order to get a deal that you could probably get online from the comfort of your own sofa?   I know that some people plan this insanity out all year.  They make a detailed game plan, have their shopping partners/teams set up,  have maps, reminders, timers set up on their phones telling them to the exact minute where they should be and what should be in their cart by a certain time that night.  You guys…I have to look down at least twice a day to make sure I have pants on…I am NOT a details kind of gal.

 You all also know how I feel about Christmas shopping.  So the idea of dealing with the madness, the chaos, the pushing, the shoving, the snarled traffic, the frustration and angst coming off shoppers in visible all leaves me grateful that I do most of my shopping online and can get just as good if not better deals while sprawled out in a turkey induced coma on my couch.  

So here’s the thing.  My almost 11 year old wants to go.  She’s a shopper like Mom and has watched Black Friday snippets on the news and read about them for a couple of years now.  Up to this point, it’s never been a viable option for us.  Her sister’s needs would mean having a sitter in for the evening to the tune of at least $40 and up,  depending on how long we were gone.  Then you have to find a sitter willing to come hang out on Thanksgiving night..good luck with that.

It just never made sense for us financially or logistically.  Plus, I kind of have a bit of a competitive thing as far as shopping goes.  I don’t trust that I’d be as much of a respectable role model as I’d need to be in front of my peanut.  She still thinks Mommy is the bees knees and all of my lessons on kindness and turning the other cheek would kind of go to pot should she see me throwing an elbow or body surfing my way over to the electronics aisle.  Not that I would do that. (I’m lying)

She wants to go, you guys.  I can’t imagine any worse kind of shopping hell…remember the chick that maced the other Walmart shoppers last year??   But she’s so excited.  Before Mark came along a few years ago, these kinds of excursions (shoot, any kind of excursions) were impossible.  But now he’s here and can stay with Hallee (my autistic teen) so for the first time ever, Mad and I can do some fun things by ourselves that a lot of moms and daughters might take for granted.

  I haven’t told her yes or no yet.  Her birthday is the 26th, so I’m thinking I might put a bit of money in a card and write something to the effect of, “You ready to get your shop on?”  Shopping on Thanksgiving day is out for us.   Just on principal, I refuse.  That’s for family and friends, being at home and being grateful that I remembered to pick up an extra tub of whipped cream and wearing pajamas all day, which we do.

 But, I’m thinking about a couple of hours out the next morning, just so we can say we did it and then hopefully never have to deal with it again.  Maybe just one stop, like God somebody slap some sense into me here the mall just so she can see the nuttiness for herself.  Maybe make a couple of small purchases, sit somewhere with a hot cup of cocoa and people watch.  

So what do you guys think?  Is it yearly thing for you, or are you like me and have never been?  What’s your plan if you are going?  What are your #1 store to hit, and what’s your must-have item there?

Allyson Sorenson

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