Date Day With Ally, Part II!

Hey Gang!  Remember where we left off yesterday??  We were getting our medium caramel (pronounced care-a-mel, thankyouverymuch) iced coffee on together!  And hitting the road!  No cares!  No worries!  The wind in our hair and God, I have to go to the bathroom again the sun on our faces!  We’ve switched CD’s to Van Halen’s 5150 and point the Volvo up the hill towards Broadway..we have two stops to make today!

First stop, Walgreens on Broadway.

Walgreens on Broadway.

Someday I will have some special Walgreens secrets to share with you, but not just yet.  I have to run it by my fellow couponing gals to see how they feel about me letting some cats out of the bag.  We don’t want the CMM (Couponing Mom Mafia) coming after us.  Those minivans are surprisingly fast.

Everyone has their favorite Walgreens, mine is this one.  The clearance deals are crazy here and they always have new items on the clearance enders.  But today we’re here for our 99 cent eggs that are on sale this week.


Eggs in tow, we run back out to the car, because we have someplace new to go! Can you guys feel yourselves losing the will to live? guess?  Did you hear on the radio?  At 10 am a new thrift store opens in Bangor!  Whaaaaat?  Ayuh!  It’s Manna Ministries Home Thrift Store on Hillside Drive, right behind the Rite Aid on Broadway, to the left of Family Dollar.

The Home Thrift Store, Hillside Drive in Bangor.

Hmm…quite a crowd.  Might have something to do with the Canadian tour bus parked over at Hannaford..should have gotten here earlier.  The doors aren’t open but from what I see, the place looks nice.  Newly done, clean and while not huge, isn’t a cramped space, either.

OK, here we go..doors are opening!  Wheeeeeeee!  Hmm..there were women at work here.  It looks more like a private consignment shop than a thrift store.

Bedding and linens

Really pretty decorating, nice color scheme, everything laid out in an eye-pleasing way.

Holy mother of God, look at those little ladies grabbing stuff!  It’s like they’re never going to get to shop again!  Do they not have thrift stores in Canada??  Kids clothes, housewares, tags are being taken off furniture and run up to the register.  Prices are ok, $2.99-$3.99 for kids clothes, which is what I mainly look for.

Hey now!  Looking at a wall of winter coats for $6.99, I see something that jumps out at me right away.  A men’s LL Bean Rugged Ridge parka in brand new condition!  What?  Who does that, it’s crazy-town!  Aaaaaand it’s an XL, Mark’s size.

LL Bean Rugged Ridge parka retails for $180-$190.

Yeah, Baby!  I do a happy dance and almost take out Canadian grand’mere on my left.  She eyeballs my coat up and down and I whip it behind me.  Mine.  Besides, I already see something else I have to grab!

Women’s Columbia, looks brand new!! Size L! Also mine.

Back view

I’m not sure what model the Columbia is, but it’s darling, fits like it was made for me and it’s pink!  Looking at this year’s similar models, I’m guessing $100 easy.  And I’m getting them for $6.99 for each coat!  Bwahahahaha!

So now we go get in line.  Uh oh, what’s the trouble?  The cash register isn’t working?  Oh dear..opening day bugs to be worked out.  That’s cool.  They will take check or cash since they can’t run anyone’s cards, says the nice man I recognize from previous BDN articles.  After a 15 minute wait, it’s my turn.  The woman behind the register says no checks…but Mr. Nice Man over there just said yes checks.  After a bit of back and forth, checks are accepted.  I write a check (I never have cash, somebody please get on that) for $13.98 for about $300 worth of winter coats.  Not bad, hey?  Oh, but one thing…no public bathroom.  Ya, I know.  Me and the Canadian grand’meres are on the same page there.

So there you have it, my only favorite shopping friends!  Isn’t saving money fun?  It’s not all about coupons and binders and store policies.  Bangor is a pretty good sized city with lots of deals to be found!  Thanks for going with how about you find some AC/DC and we’ll head home and plan our next big shop?  Shaw’s new sales start on Friday and I need to look at the flyer online and figure out if I need to order any coupons and for the love of God, why do they want me to make dinner every night?  Doesn’t  anyone in this house like Domino’s? get something pulled out for dinner tonight.  Bye guys!!



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